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Every product with the Traumpass label contains an individual, official approval number on two places. The aboveprinted number is sewn in and can only be seen when the seam is undone. This number is repeated on the visible part of the label under the DIN CERTCO logo.

All companies allowed to use the Traumpass label are listed at the notary’s office, Comparing the label attached to the product and the respective number on the list, one can then check whether the product carries a valid number of approval, i.e. the sleepingbag, the duvet or the pillow.

You can find all certified companies using Traumpass on the website of DIN CERTCO.


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DIN CERTCO is the certification organization of the TÜV Rheinland AG and of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization. It monitors the quality of the Traumpass products as well as the traceability of the feathers and down used for the fillings.

No Live-Plucking:

Traumpass products do not contain any down and feathers that were harvested from live animals. The suppliers agreed on this and provide proof about the origin of the purchased materials through documents such a customs declarations, veterinary certificates and bills of delivery.

Filling materials in accordance with EN 12934

Traumpasscertified products may only use down and feathers that meet the conditions for the two highest quality classes of EN 12934.

In some respects, Traumpass even has higher requirements than the European standard.


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