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Traumpass is a quality seal used for bedding, sleeping bags and clothing that are filled with down and feathers. Products marked with this seal must be filled with down and feathers from the two highest classes l and ll in accordance with EN 12934. In addition, all raw materials used in Traumpass products are by-products from meat production and thus sourced exclusively from slaughtered animals. Companies who use the seal on their products have agreed to adhere to this specification.

Monitoring manufacturer information on filling composition is carried out anonymously by an accredited testing institute on products bought from retailers.


The label “Traumpass DIN tested”, which is sewn into every product, contains an individual lot specific testing number that enables the manufacturing company to be identified. The origin of the down and feathers used for filling can be traced back via documents such as delivery notes, invoices, tax and import certificates, ending at the slaughterhouse from which the raw materials are sourced. This guarantees that products with the Traumpass seal do not contain material from living animals. Checks to ensure that the user of the seal follows these guidelines are carried out via regular audits of the companies by the certification organisation DINCERTCO, Berlin.

DIN tested

The certificate “Traumpass DIN tested” is only awarded by DINCERTCO, Berlin, if there is proof that the product quality and traceability conditions have been met. Only then may the label “Traumpass DIN tested” be used. Information about the certification programme can be accessed online at:

The Label

Traumpass labels can be found on bedding, sleeping bags and clothing. They stand for:

Traumpass Labels - what they stand for

DIN certified

DIN CERTCO monitors products with the Traumpass label and ensures premium quality of down and feathers used for the filling that are not gathered from live animals.

Top quality

Only down and feathers that adhere to the two highest classes of EN 12934 may be used in Traumpass products.

Quality Surveillance

Traumpass products are regularly bought anonymously and tested in accredited testing institutes. DIN CERTCO, testing laboratories and a notary office are working hand in hand to reveal noncompliance with the high quality standards of Traumpass and consequently punish these violations.

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